De Waal Foundation is a Dutch foundation established in 1985 by a personal grant from Mr. K. de Waal for the purpose of improving  the quality of life for children in developing countries.


DWF is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization. It is financially independent and does not do fundraising. Has his headoffice in the USA and a regional office for Latin America in Ecuador.


From 1985 till 2002 DWF offered financial and technical support in 10 countries to organizations dedicated to educating and training people who work in the fields of:

  • Prevention of birthdefects.

  • Rehabilitation of disabled people.

  • Attention to children and young adults on the fringe of society, streetchildren.

The education and training is dedicated to trainers, educators, parents, professionals in healthcare and education, leaders of associations, authorities, press, community, etc.






Since 2000 DWF promotes the prevention of birthdefects in 10 countries of  Latin America: Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panamá, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.






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